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8 Blog Start up Tips (+ And a Blogging Freebie Link!)


Starting a blog?  Be prepared for a crazy, fast-paced, creative amazing outlet for sharing information and knowledge with the world wide web!  In this post you will find nine start up tips (and an amazing link to a start up freebie) to get you moving and on your way.

1.  Let Everyone Know Who You Are!

I began this journey just over a month ago.  My blogging bestie Sasha and I had spent about a month previous to our first “blogging date” endeavouring to come up with our website names.  This is a long and arduous process as you want your site to reflect who you are and what you bring to the blogging world.

2.  Pick Where You Want to Hang Out.

When we finally came up with our names we tried two separate avenues for nailing down the domain name.  She used godaddy and I used SiteGround.  She had set hers up before mine and had directed me to use Siteground as she had been Pinteresting like crazy and felt that was the better option.  Coincidentally, she used a link from their site to direct me where to go, and guess what??? She got three months free hosting for using….you guessed it, an affiliate link!

3.  Link, Link, Link

I have started using Creative Market and am planning on doing some research on becoming an Amazon Associate as well.  FYI, Associate is Amazon’s name for their affiliate program.  At this stage of the game all information is valuable! LOL

4.  The Backbone

With my Siteground hosting I used WordPress.org.  This is critical if you want to monetize (make that moolah) at some point in your journey.  I highly recommend getting the app.  It is a fabulous place to “brain dump” any and all post ideas you come up with.  You can even talk to text to make it easier!  As well you can used a bulleted list to put down all those fantastic ideas that you can format into world-class, unique, mind-blowing blog posts at at later date.

5.  What the Eff Will I Write About?

I feel that this problem doesn’t really exist.  If you are contemplating starting a blog, you already have tons to share.  Content can come in the form of a great many things and many Pinterest shares you may have seen will try and hammer home the concept that you have to have a niche.  Things like “find your niche, write about specific topics not categories”, blah-de-blah-de-blah.  Just write, write write….the niche will present itself.  Check out my first post here The Birth of a Blog.

6.  Get a Power Bar…and Plugin

My friend had again done research….did I mention she is a machine?……Vroom Vroom, rippin’ around like nobody’s business.  She recommended Yoast (to assist your in writing the most ultra devine posts), Askimet (to monitor your ham (spam) potato, pahtahto and Shareaholic (for things like floating icons).

7.  This Ain’t No Crayola 96 Pack

A huge part of blogging is graphics.  Things to visually stimulate your posts and your shares.  You can use a variety of free online programs like Canva, PicMonkey and Ribbet.  I currently am sticking with Canva.  I get a little more comfortable with it every time I use it and as I am sometimes pressed for time (I work full-time and enjoy alcoholic beverages after said work).

8.  Get Your Poop in a Group

There is so much to learn and do (endeavour to do) when you start a blog.  I would suggest that you get yourself a notebook of some kind and write down everything you are reading and absorbing.  Hint-Hint, it’ll make a great blog post down the road!

9.  Quick and Easy Tips to Get You on Your Way

Follow this link for an amazing freebie to get you on your way:

Ultimate Blogging Toolkit



This post may contain affiliate links. That means that if you click on a link and purchase something, I may get a perk from it at no cost to you. For more info, please read my disclaimer. I only refer things that I have tried and love and hope you will too! 

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