Overcoming Obstacles, A Wine and Snacks Guide
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Overcoming Obstacles, a Wine and Snacks Guide

So as it came to pass this weekend I overcame a huge fear/obstacle…..pulling my 38 foot fifth wheel, backing it into a campsite, and after the weekend, getting it ready to go home!

Blue Jobs vs. Pink Jobs, The Beginning

My boyfriend and I have owned a fifth wheel for about six years.  At first he did all the “blue jobs”, no, not “blowjobs” (that’s another post for another day) and I did all the “pink jobs”….again not what you may think.  

So in quick summary, blue is for boys, pink is for girls.  The typical things you might think of such as men pull fifth wheels and girls pack up the groceries…..typical but does not have to be the norm.

1.  Baby Steps

I realized on one of our trips that it may be a good idea for me to learn some or all of the blue jobs. This was in case something happened and my bf was unable to get the job done, so I asked to learn.  It has been a relatively long process, did I mention we have owned a fifth wheel for at least six years?

My journey began with short drives pulling the ole gal and it really wasn’t so bad.  The lucky card I pulled was having a bf that was helpful without being angry or critical and didn’t yell.

Wedding Bouquet with wedding rings on top by Beatriz Perez Moya
Beatriz-Perez-Moya via Unsplash

2.  Toddler Trials

So moving forward to this past August, a very dear friend was getting married at a local campground to, interestingly enough, my ex-husband’s brother.  What obstacles was I talking about?…Anywho, let’s move on.

The campground was where many of the guests were staying and I figured, why not?  This is the perfect time for me to jump out of that comfort zone, drive and set-up that “apartment on wheels”, or what came to be known that weekend as the “Taj Mahal”.

If anyone would like to visit a really beautiful local campground, please check out the following:  https://www.albertacampgroundguide.ca/campgrounds/castle-river-rodeo-campground/

The obstacle of “pinning” the fifth-wheel had already been completed by my bf before he went to work.  It is parked in our back alley and I believe he just wanted to give me a hand to be successful in my journey.

3.  The Tweens

I jumped in the truck and started out that Friday morning.  I planned the journey out in my head as I was driving, which road did I want to use to turn out onto the highway?  How wide should the turn be?  How would I negotiate the other highway turns and the road into the campground?

When I arrived safely at the campground (was there any doubt??) I triumphantly negotiated the winding road of the campsites only to find that the space across from my site (the campsite of the bride and groom) was not clear of obstacles as promised but in their place was a canopy tent, (insert frustrated face emoji!!).

It had been lovingly placed by the man who was left behind to assist me in backing in the trailer.  Please note he is as experienced, perhaps less, than I am.  Ugh.

Frustrated Cat
Photo by FuYong Hua on Unsplash

Now I will give him credit for trying as I was struggling to understand the mechanics of how the steering wheel turns during negotiated turns to push a trailer backwards.

4.  Adolescent Woes

To the rescue came the lovely ladies who manage the campground with a semi-truck driver in tow!  I appreciated the gesture, but did immediately make clear that I would be the one to make the magic happen.

Randy was an amazing instructor.  Kind, patient and extremely knowledgeable.  Within a few minutes, I was backed in perfectly.  Now came the next steps, un-pinning and setting up.

Although I was nervous the following tasks came easily to me, putting down the LG (I guess in blue language that means “Landing Gear”, in pink it means “Legs”).  These are the front trailer supports.  I also put down the rear stabilizing jacks, the four slide-outs and the awning.  With a borrowed adapter for my power cord from the previously mentioned, lovely campground ladies, I was good to go.  BEER TIME!!

5.  Adulting

I guess the moral of this story is that fear is ok.  Nerves are ok.  Use these emotions to challenge yourself as the feeling you get when you overcome obstacles you didn’t think you could?  Life Changing.  For another glimpse of tips and tricks of personal growth check out my post on paying off debt.

This post may contain affiliate links. That means that if you click on a link and purchase something, I may get a perk from it at no cost to you. For more info, please read my disclaimer. I only refer things that I have tried and love and hope you will too! 

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